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Local Forms

Application for employment of attorney for a specific purpose in a chapter 13 case (revised 1/2020) 

Application for employment of real estate agent/broker in a chapter 13 case 

Chapter 11 forms

Chapter 13 plan (for cases filed 4/1/2019 and later)

Consent agreement to motion to reinstate case (revised 1/2020)

Consent agreement to trustee's motion to dismiss (revised 1/2020)

Cumulative statement of amendments to schedules (LBF 1009) (revised 12/2019)

Declaration regarding postpetition amounts owed on principal residence

Eligibility for discharge chart

Fact summary for motion for relief (Word version) (revised 5/2019)

Fact summary for motion for relief (pdf fillable version) (revised 5/2019)

Final plan summary (for cases filed April 1, 2019 and later)

Joint motion requesting court approval of collateral valuation (revised 1/2020)

Lease assumption agreement for vehicle or other personal property

Letter to credit reporting agencies re incorrect SS#

Motion for discharge in chapter 12 or 13 (LBF 283) (Word version, revised 12/2020)

Motion for discharge in chapter 12 or 13 (LBF 283) (PDF version, revised 12/2020)

Motion to avoid nonpossessory, nonpurchase money security interest

Notice of default pursuant to order conditionally denying relief from stay (revised 1/2020)

Notice of termination of stay (revised 1/2020)

Objection to claim (revised 1/2020)

Objection to claim - verified (revised 1/2020)

Order approving auto insurance settlement in chapter 13 (revised 12/2020)

Order approving employment of real estate agent in chapter 13

Order approving employment of special counsel for
chapter 13 debtor(s) on a contingent fee basis (revised 1/2020)

Order approving employment of professional (chapters 7 and 11)

Order approving sale of real estate in chapter 13 (revised 1/2020)

Order approving settlement and compensation in a chapter 13 case (revised 1/2020)

Order granting motion to approve mortgage loan modification in ch 13 (revised 1/2020)

Order granting motion to avoid judicial lien (revised 1/2020)

Order granting motion to avoid nonpurchase-money security interest (revised 1/2020)

Order granting motion to transfer case to other division

Order language for proceeds in chapter 13 re application of insurance

Order modifying automatic stay in ch 13 to allow divorce proceedings (revised 10/2019)

Order modifying automatic stay to allow pursuit of debtor's liability insurance coverage

Verification of official creditor list -- initial or supplemental (LBF 1007) (revised 12/2019)

Verified motion to extend or impose the automatic stay
pursuant to 11 U.S.C.§ 362(c)(3) or (4) (revised 1/2020)