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Call-in information for hearings & meetings of creditors

Until further notice or unless directed otherwise, the court will ONLY hold telephonic hearings in all pending cases. Attorneys are responsible for letting their clients know of this change and informing them not to appear at the courthouse. Attorneys are also requested to discourage their clients from calling in for motion dockets (as opposed to 341's and confirmation hearings). Matters on the motion dockets which require an evidentiary hearing will be rescheduled to a separate date. If chapter 13 debtors' counsel agrees with the trustee's plan payment calculations as shown on the trustee's website, the attorney should let the trustee's office know and is not required to attend the telephonic docket. 


The Court uses the following call-in numbers:

Name of Judge

Contact Number

Access Code

Security Code

Henry A. Callaway

(877) 336-1831



Jerry C. Oldshue

(888) 363-4749




Information regarding §341 meeting of creditors

Chapter 7 Chapter 11 Chapter 13
Mobile Mobile Mobile
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