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Telephonic participation in hearings & meetings of creditors

In general, the judges expect lawyers from Mobile and Baldwin counties to attend Mobile motion dockets in person.   However, lawyers from Mobile and Baldwin counties who have only one or two matters on a given motion docket which can be handled without an extended hearing may participate telephonically.  Mobile and Baldwin county lawyers must attend chapter 13 confirmation hearings in person.   Lawyers from outside Mobile and Baldwin counties may participate telephonically in motion dockets or chapter 13 confirmation hearings which can be handled without an extended hearing.  In all situations, a lawyer who wishes to participate telephonically must email that request to the judge’s courtroom deputy by 2 p.m. the day before.  

The judges recognize that parking in downtown Mobile is limited and don’t want debtors to miss work any more than required.  Debtors may thus participate telephonically in Mobile motion dockets and confirmation hearings unless more than brief testimony is necessary.  

The Selma courtroom cannot accommodate telephonic participation except on a “listen only” basis.  However, Judge Callaway usually holds two telephonic Northern Division motion dockets each month and is amenable to moving non-evidentiary motions to a telephonic docket upon timely request to his courtroom deputy. 

Chapter 7 and 13 meetings of creditors will remain telephonic. Chapter 11 and 12 meetings of creditors will be in person.


The Court uses the following call-in numbers:

Name of Judge

Contact Number

Access Code

Security Code

Henry A. Callaway

(877) 336-1831



Jerry C. Oldshue

(888) 363-4749




Information regarding §341 meeting of creditors

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