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Chapter 13 Trustee’s Office

Southern District of Alabama


Telephonic procedure for Chapter 13 §341 hearings beginning August 6, 2020 – MOBILE CASES.


The following is the telephonic procedure for the Mobile Chapter 13 §341 docket beginning August 6, 2020.  If for any reason a §341 meeting cannot be held, the Trustee’s office will adjourn the meeting to a later date.

A conference call-in number and access code arranged by debtor attorney’s last name is listed below.  Refer to the §341 notice and/or reset notice for the date and time of the meeting. Please be advised that each Debtor examination will be recorded.

Debtor’s counsel are requested to do the following:

  1. Immediately contact your clients to advise that all §341 examinations will be held telephonically and that no §341 examinations will be held in person at the Federal Courthouse until further notice.
  2. Provide the call-in conferencing number and access code shown below to your clients.  Debtors should be instructed to dial into the conferencing number and use the access code at the time noted on the §341 and/or reset notice.  If prompted for an audio PIN, press #. 
  3. Advise debtors to place their phone on mute until their case is called.  Do not use blue tooth connections.
  4. Only the debtor and debtor/creditor counsel should participate in the conference call with the Trustee’s office.
  5. Counsel should have readily available a call back phone number for each Debtor.

Creditor’s counsel are requested to do the following:

  1. Creditor’s counsel wishing to participate in the §341 meeting may use the call-in conferencing number/access code below.


Phone call-in and access code assignments for Mobile Telephonic §341 hearings by Debtor’s attorney’s last name:


Debtor attorney last name:  A - E


Phone number:  Dial +1 (224)501-3412

Access Code: 327-031-829#


Debtor attorney last name:  F - O


Phone number:  Dial +1 (786)535-3211

Access Code: 726-368-813#


Debtor attorney last name:  P - Z


Phone number:  Dial +1(646)749-3122

Access Code: 365-061-301#






Mobile Telephonic §341 341 Schedule v.2 7-16-20