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*** BLAST EMAIL*** Possible Movie Filming Inconveniences 15-16

Thursday, July 16, 2015

We have been informed by the District Court of the following and you should let your clients know that although bankruptcy court will still be held on Monday and Tuesday in District Court as scheduled there will be some inconveniences:

Just a reminder that the movie film crew for the U.S. Indianapolis will be here early Monday morning (July 20th) to begin their set up.  Monday is set up all day, Tuesday is filming all day (in Judge Steele’s courtroom and outside Judge Granade’s court room) and Wednesday is take down.  The crew will only be using the back stairwell and elevator as to not interrupt the public’s normal course of business.  St. Louis St. will be OFF-LIMITS to parking all day Monday and Tuesday and traffic will be allowed intermittently on those days.  I would recommend all your employees avoid St. Louis St. (adjacent to the court house) all together on Monday and Tuesday of next week if at all possible.

They will also be placing some large lighting devices on top of the garage to shine in the windows of Judge Steele’s courtroom along with using the fenced parking lot across St. Louis St. from the courthouse for parking/staging etc."