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New Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet (Form B27) Information

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet - Effective 12/01/2009

Effective December 1, 2009, you must file a Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet (Docket Entry: Reaffirmation Agreement Cover Sheet) separately from the reaffirmation agreement.

This form is new. It gathers certain financial information, including information necessary for the court to determine whether a reaffirmation agreement creats a presumption of undue hardship under § 524(m) of the Code, and it allows the debtor to provide additional information that may rebut such a presumption.

To implement the requirements of Bankruptcy Rule 4008(b), the form also provides for a disclosure of any differences between the income and expenses reported on schedules I and J and the incomeand expenses reported in the debtor's statement in support of the reaffirmation agreement, together with an explanation of any such differences.

Finally, the form requires a certification that the information supplied is true and correct.