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Self-Scheduling Instructions

Monday, April 2, 2012

Self-Scheduling Instructions

You may self-schedule the following matters:

Withdraw as Attorney
Extend Plan Payments
Reinstate Case
Reconsider Dismissal of Case
Reduce Injuntion Period
Borrow/Incur Debt

Notices will be sent to all parties and creditors associated with the case in CM/ECF

Filing Steps

Docketing the Motion

1)  From the Bankruptcy Menu Select Self-Scheduling, Events and Motions under the Miscellaneous Menu
2)  Enter Case Number
3)  Select one of the approved motions for self-scheduling (docket as normal)

Docketing of Self-Scheduling Notice

4)   After completing the docketing of the motion return to the Self-Scheduling Events and Motions menu
5)   Enter Case Number - Next
6)   Select Notice of Self-Scheduled Hearing
7)   Select the Party you are Filing on the behalf of - Next
8)   Makenote that Judge Shulman's cases are scheduled in Courtroom 1 and Judge Mahoney's cases are heard in Courtroom 2 - Next
9) Enter the Hearing Date, Time, and select the appropriate location.
10) Check the box of the approved motion for self-scheduling.
11) Next
12) Review the docket text to make sure that the motion, date, time, and location are correct.
13) Next

Review the Notice of Electronic Filing - The court will send the hearing notice to all parties, attorneys, trustee, and creditors on the mailing matrix at the point in time that the notice of hearing is generated by the court. The hearing notice will not be viewable via CM/ECF until after the court has processed the notice.