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The U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Alabama's published opinions are maintained on the Government Printing Office's website.

* For Opinions older than 2004 please search the Opinions below.

Court Opinions are currently searchable in two ways:

1. Through ECF:  Select ECF Menu item   Reports --> Written Opinions
    There are several filter items available to narrow your search. PACER fees do not apply.

2. Using the Free Government Printing Office Web Site:  Opinions can be searched for by court unit and year.
     Browse to and then click on the link, "United States Courts Opinions ""
                                                                             - or -
     From the FdSys main page,, the "Advanced Search" can be used to allow a wide selection of criteria to search on   
     including up to five text phrases.  In the "Available Selections" window, scroll down and select "United States Courts Opinions" and
     select "Add".  The "Search In" window will allow up to five different search criteria including text words or phrases and searches by specific
     court, i.e. United States Bankruptcy Court Southern District of Alabama.


Case No: 13-03490         Adv. Proc. 14-00007

Case No: 14-01106          Adv. Proc. No: 14-00048

Case No. 13-03404-MAM     Adv. Pro. No. 14-00004