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Video Teleconferencing Helpful Hints

Helpful Hint and Reminders

1. The equipment is set up to pick up images of all parties seated at the conference table; therefore,

do not move the equipment or rearrange the furniture.

2. Since the video teleconferencing monitors do not operate like conventional television sets, do not

change any settings or change channels.

3. This system has a document handling camera. We will provide additional instructions on the use

of the document camera at a later date.

4. There may be a slight delay in the time words are spoken at one site and then received at the other

site by the communications equipment. This does not indicate an equipment malfunction, and is a

normal indicator of the communication operation.

5. Please speak somewhat louder and more clearly than you do in your usual conversational tone.

6. Room lighting may affect the quality of reception. The lighting in the conference room is fixed

and should not be adjusted.