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Current Administrative Orders and General Orders

Date of Order Order # Order Subject
4-3-2019 AO-03 Order regarding chapter 13 attorney's fees
3-11-2019 AO-02 Suspension of ECF privileges for users with unpaid fees
1-3-2019 AO-01 Continuance of matters involving US agencies during government shutdown
7-5-2018 GO-20 Chapter 13 341and confimation procedures for cases filed 9/1/18 or later
3-27-2018 GO-19 Separate pre- and postpetition legal services contracts in chapter 7 cases
3-27-2018 GO-18 Payment of secured claims in a chapter 13 after unsecured claims have been paid
5-30-2017 GO-17 Disbursement of funds on hand upon dismissal of a chapter 13 case prior to confirmation
1-1-2017 GO-16 Responses to notices of final cure payments in chapter 13 cases
5-1-2017 GO-15 Procedure for motions to avoid judicial liens
1-5-2017 GO-14 Conditional denials of relief from stay
12-5-2016 GO-13 Deposit and investment of registry funds
10-2-2013 GO-12 Conversion from chapter 13 to chapter 7
  GO-11 Rescinded 2/21/19
7-11-2017 GO-10 Negative notice motions
10-10-2012 GO-09 Electronic filing of claims
2-1-2018 GO-08 Payment of filing fees in chapter 13 cases filed 3/1/18 or later
1-19-2010 GO-07 Notice of meeting of creditors when schedules and/or matrix are filed subsequent to the petition
13-30-2009 GO-06 Adjournment of cases with filing deficiencies
7-6-2009 GO-05 Negative notice motion for discharge in chapter 12 and 13 cases
  GO-04 Rescinded 4/3/2019
4-20-2009 GO-03 Adoption of interim bankruptcy rule 1007-1 and amendment to official form 22a
4-20-2009 GO-02 Receiving rent deposits
12-1-2012 GO-01 Payment advices filed on or after 12/1/10