Court Directory

U.S. Bankruptcy Court
Southern District of Alabama
Court Directory
Phone: 251-441-5391
Fax: 251-441-6286


Baas, Troy                                         
Systems Tech. Admin                                               
ext 4115                                        


Brooks, Antoinette                           
Courtroom Deputy (Mahoney)                                 
ext 4108                                          


Cook, David                                      
Systems Manager                                                    
ext 4114                                         


Couling, Tracey                               
Chief Deputy Clerk                                                  
ext 4126                                           


Denny, Linda                                   
Case Administrator                                                 
ext 4125                                  


Folds, Karen Jones                          
Case Administrator                                                
ext 4141                                        


Heffernan, Pauline                           
Case Administrator/Finance                               
ext 4110                                        


Hoffman, Faith                                  
Judicial Assistant (Shulman)                             
ext 4130                                            


Holmes, Rachel                                
Case Administrator
ext 4107                                  


Jemison, Angie                                
Courtroom Deputy (Shulman)                           
ext 4106                                          


Maldonado, Leonard N.                
Clerk of Court                                                       
ext 4103                                             


Mashburn-Myrick, Danielle                       
Law Clerk (Callaway)                                         
ext 4127                                           


McShane, Florence                         
Case Administrator                                              
ext 4145                                           


Mitchell, Bernita                             
ext 4109                                            


Myers, Shelly                                  
Intake Clerk                                                             
ext 4122                                        


Nixon, Velda                                    
Case Administrator                                             
ext 4123                                          


Oates, Carol                                
Judicial Assistant (Callaway)                             
ext 4128                                         


Powers, Susan                                 
Law Clerk (Shulman)                                        
ext 4131                                             


Todd, Daniel                                    
Intake Clerk                                                      
ext 4151                                              


Williams, Toni                                 
Case Administrator                                          
ext 4105                                            


Wood, Jim                                        
Asst. Systems Manager                                     
ext 4140